Tuesday, 15 February 2022

Criss Cross Shawl in Knitting 227!

Did you spot my Criss Cross Shawl at Unravel 2022? The lovely folks at Walcot Yarns displayed my new shawl design on their stand for the whole Unravel weekend! You can find more images of the shawl, along with the knitting pattern in Knitting magazine issue 227!

Model wearing hand knitted shawl and looking at camera

This wide crescent shaped shawl was inspired by a parking surface! The concrete slabs have a criss-cross pattern and grass has grown through these shapes. This has created a textured grid of crosses set within the textured concrete surface. 

The shawl stitch pattern uses an eyelet cross pattern combined with garter stitch to recreate the effect in knitting. The shawl begins with a narrow edge and gradually increases to the full width. The pattern then continues straight, before the decreasing to match the cast-on narrow edge. 

The gorgeously soft Walcot Yarns Opus contrasts the hard concrete inspiration. The beautiful shade is called Greenery and there are so many more shades to choose from as the Opus colour range has recently been extended. Here's the link to the yarn shades - enjoy!

concrete parking surface with grass growing through cross shapes

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