Friday, 24 June 2022

Little Wavelet Shawl Pattern

The Little Wavelet Shawl is a smaller version of my full-size Wavelet Shawl and is specially designed for mini-skeins! The pattern is now available from the Irish Artisan Yarn website and from my Ravelry and Payhip stores.

Shawl held open to show stitch pattern

Inspired by the long curve of a sandy beach, the shawl is constructed top-down, from across the back of the neck to the outer edge. After casting on a long centre section, the top border is worked in an eyelet pattern. This is followed by the crescent shape, which is created using short row shaping. The outer shawl section is inspired by multiple waves that ripple along the shoreline. The wave pattern is emphasised with reverse stocking stitch ridges and a stripe pattern.

Shawl shown wrapped around Emma's neck

Shawl shown draped over Emma's shoulder

The shawl is knitted in Irish Artisan Yarn (IAY) Hand-Dyed 4Ply Yarn (100% Superwash Merino, 80m/87 1⁄2yd per 20g mini-skein) and you will need 5 × 20g mini-skeins in 5 different shades.

This pattern requires a total of 100g/ 400m of yarn (5 x 20g mini skeins of 80m each or 1 x 100g skein of 400m). However, it is very adaptable to the available yarn!

If you have a little bit less yarn (eg approximately 90g in total), work fewer repeats of the border rows, making a slightly smaller shawl size.

If you have more yarn available (eg more than a total of 110g), you can make a larger shawl size by working additional repeats of the border rows.

Before casting on, decide your preferred colour order of mini-skeins and label as Shades A-E. Examples include dark to light; light to dark; random order. The shawl shown was knitted from darkest to lightest shade using five shades from the Irish Artisan Yarn Advent 2021.

Five mini skeins of yarn arranged from light to dark shade of blue

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