Wednesday, 17 August 2022

Mini Modernism Shawl

Introducing my Mini Modernism Shawl! This lightweight shawl is knitted with two skeins of Garthenor Preseli yarn and this gorgeous light grey shade is called Flint.

Hand knitted shawl draped across back and shoulders

Detail of hand knitted shawl hanging over one shoulder

The idea for this mini shawl began with my full size Modernism shawl pattern which is in my Crowood Press book, A Knitter’s Guide to Shawl Design

I love wrapping myself in the large shawl (which is knitted in the fabulous raspberry shade of Garthenor Beacons DK) but I decided I’d also like lighter weight version that drapes across my shoulders and I’m delighted with the result!

If you would like to knit your own mini Modernism Shawl just follow the original pattern in my book until the shawl is 6 squares wide instead of the full-size 10 squares. When just under half of your available yarn has been used, you are at the halfway point of the shawl. Make a note of how many centre pattern repeats you have worked, then use your remaining yarn to knit the same number of repeats and complete the rest of the shawl!

Happy knitting!

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