Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Free Form Crochet Inspiration

A stunning crochet dress from the 1967 film, Camelot is a wonderful inspiration for freeform crochet. Worn by Vanessa Redgrave as Guinevere, the dress is on show as part of the Hollywood Costume Exhibition at the V&A. Looking closely at the dress, you can see why designer John Truscott won the 1967 Academy Award for best costume design.
Vanessa Redgrave as Queen Guinivere, Camelot, 1967

Described as being made from wool, silk and pumpkin seeds, most of the dress is made of 'finely crocheted woollen spider webs' that are laid over silk. At the centre of some of the 'webs' are tiny shells and behind them are hints of metallic crochet. Pumpkin seeds were dried then stitched to the silk train of the dress.
Pumpkin seed detail on Guinevere Dress
Crochet detail on Guinevere Dress
Crochet samples based on Guinevere Dress

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