Monday, 22 March 2021

Ammonoid Shawl Pattern

My Ammonoid Shawl pattern has been published in Knitting magazine issue 215! For this issue, designers were asked to explore a range of different knitted construction methods. My shawl combines the half-pi semicircle construction method with a knitted-on outer border. Pi-shawls were popularised by the inspirational designer, Elizabeth Zimmerman. In her book, Knitter's Almanac, the construction for a circular shawl is beautifully described and I really recommend having a read!

Once the semicircle is completed, the knitted-on lower border is added. This border uses the "live" stitches of outer edge of the semicircle and is almost like casting off the stitches as you go. As the border progresses, it gradually widens. The resulting asymmetric shawl shape reminds me of a fossilised ammonite!

The shawl is knitted in Ullcentrum 2ply Swedish yarn from Midwinter Yarns. This lovely yarn provides amazing structure to the stitch pattern. The main shade is called Petrol and the contrast shade is Natural Gradient.

Pattern Update. Please note that the stitch count for the Shawl Body, Row 1 should be 13sts.

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