Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Museum Quarter Wrap

My Museum Quarter Wrap design is in this month's Knitting magazine!

My wrap design combines bold colour, short row shaping and intarsia to create a dramatic optical effect. The wrap is inspired by a stunning installation by Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz Diez (1923-2019) on the steps next to MUMOK, the Museum of Modern Art in Vienna’s Museum Quarter (shown in my photo below). Carlos Cruz Diez is well known for his amazing colour work and large scale public installations all over the world. Bright colours were applied to each step, giving the impression of depth and width and inspiring both the shape and pattern of my wrap design. 

This trapezium-shaped wrap begins with the lower border, which is worked in garter stitch. The pattern then changes to stocking stitch with a pink garter stitch ridge for the main sections. The wrap gradually grows in width as stitches are increased. Once the full width is reached, the pattern continues without increases. 

In my knitted wrap, short row shaping allows the sections of vibrant colours to be placed next to each other. By also using intarsia technique, two shades can meet in the centre of the shawl, adding a distinctive colour dimension to the wrap. Once the rhythm of the pattern is established, the short rows become intuitive as they flow over groups of 5 stitches each time.

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