Monday, 4 February 2019

A Knitter's Sketchbook: Meander Cowl

In this post I would like to tell you about my Meander Cowl pattern from A Knitter's Sketchbook. This design highlights the way a series of curved lines can be used to create stitch patterns in knitting. Meander was knitted in West Yorkshire Spinners (WYS) Illustrious yarn in the gorgeous dark green shade of Highland. This is the perfect opportunity to say thank you to WYS for their generous yarn support for this project. I knitted the Meander Cowl and several samples throughout my book in the lovely yarns that they sent to me.

Meander Cowl by Emma Vining
photographed by Maxine Vining

My inspiration for this design was a flowing river. In particular, I was very fortunate to be flying into Gatwick Airport on a clear day, and to also have a window seat. As we were landing, I took several photographs through the airplane window, capturing a beautiful series of meanders in a river flowing through a field below us. Over time, as the process of river bank erosion continues, the meanders will change and perhaps I will design a new stitch pattern to reflect this!

You can find the Meander cowl pattern, along with my photo and sketches of the river in my book. The pattern has both written and charted instructions and can be knitted flat or in the round. Please take a look on The Crowood Press website or on Amazon, where my book is available to order as a hard copy or e-book.

A Knitter's Sketchbook by Emma Vining

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