Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The IKnit Fandango 2015

The IKnit Fandango 2015 took place in the Royal Horticultural Halls in London on Friday and Saturday 15th & 16th May. The hall was overflowing with colour and gorgeous yarn! On Saturday I was helping on the Knitting & Crochet Guild stand.

The K&C Guild Stand at the IKnit Fandango
The big draw on our stand was the yarn winding. We had a display of swifts from the collection and Barbara had also brought along her wooden swift. For a small donation to the Guild, we wound visitors gorgeous skeins of yarn into balls so that they could go home and start knitting immediately!

Yarn winding on the K&C Guild Stand
Yarn winding on the K&C Guild Stand
It was incredibly hypnotic to watch the winding and fascinating to see the colour blends change from Skein to ball.

Our K&C Guild and Yarn Stories competition was very popular and we handed out lots of leaflets. I can't wait to see the entries! There is still time to enter: details here

I had a chance to chat to other exhibitors and am over the moon about my lovely Navia yarn from the Island Wool Company. It was a pleasure to chat to Fiona and Anna. Anna's sweater designs are just amazing in the gorgeous yarns she has chosen. I also had a chance to chat to the very talented Jennie Atkinson. Her stand was so beautiful and it was lovely to see her designs close up.

Right across the aisle from our stand was the extremely popular Easyknits Stand. I spent all day looking at a shawl knitted up in their wonderfully dyed yarn and was very impressed with the graduated colour changes. The shawl design is Orbit and the yarn in question is the sushi roll dyed yarn. The sushi rolls come in many colour combinations and you unravel the roll as you knit up your shawl - so clever!
Orbit Shawl on the Easyknits Stand
I really hope that the success of the show this year means that the IKnit Fandango is back on the calendar as a regular event.

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