Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Hello, My Name Is Paul Smith

The Paul Smith Exhibition at the Design Museum, London is an inspiring insight into the creative process of this amazing designer. Arranged around a central gallery, each room in the Exhibition is packed with items that illustrate Paul Smith's unique approach to design and collaboration.

Paul Smith Garments in the Exhibition
The first room I looked in contains this remarkable re-creation of Paul Smith's office, complete with items on almost every surface!

Paul Smith's Office in the Exhibition
Going 'Inside Paul's Head' is a magical experience that uses multiple screens and mirrors combined with Paul Smith's narrative describing his inspirations. My favourite quotes include:

'You can look at a beach hut, see the three colours and that can turn into a piece of knitwear.'
'I carry a notebook everywhere.'
'You just need to look and see.'
'Ideas can come from anywhere.'

"Inside Paul's Head'
"Inside Paul's Head"
The detailed re-creation of Paul Smith's workshop illustrates his process of developing new designs. I was particularly fascinated by the cut rose design, especially the version made with scissors and glue that was then digitally transformed into a stunning print.
Paul Smith's Workshop
Paul Smith's Workshop
Paul Smith has collaborated with many companies and individuals such as Mini and The Rug Company. 
Paul Smith collaboration with Mini
Paul Smith for The Rug Company
A whole wall of the exhibition is devoted to buttons! 

The Button wall
The Button Wall
The button wall lead on to a selection of garments chosen by Paul Smith to highlight his design inspirations. Beginning with colour and covering print, travel and British tradition, these stunning pieces showed his skill in attention to detail, exquisite cut and all round great design.

Paul Smith Collections
Paul Smith Collections
The whole exhibition in arranged around a central room that contains Paul Smith's collection of prints, posters and art. There is so much to look at here including Henry Moore fabric prints and work by Rob Ryan.

Paul Smith Gallery
Paul Smith gallery with Rob Ryan
This is a very inspiring exhibition as Paul Smith has explained his creative process in so much detail. I really enjoyed learning about the background to his wonderful collections and amazing designs. 

Hello, My Name Is Paul Smith is on at the Design Museum, London until 9th March 2014.

Image from the Design Museum Website

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  1. It's lovely to have a chance to take a look at the show, no chance I will be able to make it where I am. I really love the button wall, makes me want to make one of my own. Thanks, Rebecca x