Saturday, 30 November 2013

Moths and More

I am very proud to be part of the Moths and More Exhibition at the Greenstede Gallery in the Chequermead Arts Centre,  East Grinstead. With ceramics, textiles, jewellery, and paper cuts on display, the gallery looks beautiful.

Work by Emma Vining, Jane White, Jackie O'Malley and Brenda Parsons
My layered paper cuts are hand cut using a scalpel. Each piece is made up of several layers and mounted so that the depth of the work is enhanced by shadows. The centre three studies are hand cut layered paper combined with ink drawings.

My Horseshoe Lake layered paper cuts were inspired by the trees in the Mammoth Lakes Area in California.

Horseshoe Lake Tree Slice 1 by Emma Vining
Horseshoe Lake Tree Slice 2 by Emma Vining
A View of London is inspired by a photo montage of views from the South bank towards St Pauls.

A View of London by Emma Vining

My hand knitted Kagome Cardigan has recently been on display at the Knitting and Stitching Shows in Harrogate and Alexandra Palace as part of the UK Hand Knitting Association's Knitted Textile Awards. It looks great next to Jackie's Kimono and alongside Jane's ceramics!

The work in the exhibition by the Moths and More artists is very beautiful and varied. Alex Duncan works with stitching and mixed media to make the beautiful landscapes shown here.

work by Alex Duncan
Brenda Parsons is inspired by urban landscapes, the natural environment and the richness of international cultures. 

work by Brenda Parsons
work by Brenda Parsons
Jackie O'Malley's gorgeous obi belts look fantastic on the woodland inspired backgrounds and the kimono on the wall is stunning.

work by Jackie O'Malley
Jane White makes hand built and burnished ceramics which derive their colours and patterns from firing with organic material in a large open pit. Each piece that emerges from the ashes is totally unique.

Work by Jane White
Work by Jane White
Work by Jane White
The Moths and More Exhibition is on from Friday 29th November until Wednesday 4th December (closed Sunday).


  1. Absolutely stunning designs and craftsmanship. Such a joy to see them. Thank you for this posting. I especially like the way the London paper cut draws the observer into the city-scape with all its grandeur and energy.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments! I really enjoyed making the paper cuts. They all have multiple layers to create shadows and depth.