Thursday, 31 October 2013

The First Cut Exhibition

Southampton's Sea City Museum Pavilion is the setting for The First Cut. This fascinating Exhibition brings together a diverse selection of works that all use paper. From tiny detailed illuminated book art by Su Blackwell through to the stunning 'Stellar Spire in the Eagle Nebula' installation by Andy Singleton, The First Cut features work by 30 international contemporary artists.

The First Cut Exhibition, Sea City Museum Pavilion
Photo by Emma Vining
As you enter the Exhibition, work by Andreas Kocks has the appearance of giant paint brush strokes on the wall. On closer inspection, the brush strokes reveal themselves as inky black graphite covered paper which has been cut and layered to make 3D form. Clever pinning raises the work off the wall and creates shadows that add a whole other dimension.

3 Venues #1311G 2013 by Andreas Kocks

Rob Ryan's 'The Map of My Entire Life' is a huge work that is full of incredibly detailed cuts with text and imagery representing his theme of a melancholic elegy on life and death. Rob Ryan will be speaking at the V&A Museum in November and I am very happy to have a ticket to this talk!

The Map of My Entire Life by Rob Ryan
Andy Singleton's Stellar Spire in the Eagle Nebula is a stunning suspended 3D work that is made up of many interwoven hand cut parts. The combination of this complex work and the shadows cast around it makes it move and swirl before your eyes. Visit Andy Singleton's website to see more of his amazing works.

Stellar Spire in the Eagle Nebula by Andy Singleton
Stellar Spire in the Eagle Nebula by Andy Singleton
The animation by Andersen M Studio will stop you in your tracks! I watched several times, completely captivated by the movement and detail in this paper cut animation. A still from one scene is shown in the artist book next to the screen. Going West can be viewed on the Andersen M Studio website.

Going West Scene, 2010, Andersen M Studio
Su Blackwell's works are full of exquisite tiny hand cut details that encourage you to look very closely to admire them. Roses from Sonnets is a handcut 3D book sculpture on display. Su Blackwell's website has more examples of her beautiful work.

Roses from Sonnets by Su Blackwell
Laura Cooperman's 'Spin' combines paper cuts with the movement of rotating gears. Turning the wheel changes the shadows and orientations, making this a beautiful, dynamic, interactive work. More information can be found on Laura Cooperman's website.

Spin by Laura Cooperman
Sarah Bridgland's Matemaatika is a 3D drawing using tiny components that are delicately balanced. You can view more of her amazing work on Sarah Bridgland's website.

Matemaatika by Sarah Bridgland
There are many more outstanding works to see in this exhibition and each is beautifully crafted and displayed. The Sea City Museum has lots of related events for all ages to explore and enjoy paper cutting and manipulation.

The First Cut Exhibition is on until 12th January 2014. 

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