Thursday, 28 October 2021

Aysgarth Falls Cardigan

Lovely to see my Aysgarth Falls Cardigan on the cover of The Knitter Magazine Issue 169! My cardigan looks amazing with the stunning mitts & cowl set designed by Juliet Bernard - what a fantastic combination!

Model wearing hand knitted garments smiling at camera

Aysgarth Falls was inspired by flowing water with a cable and lace pattern depicting a wide river flowing over a waterfall. As the water flows in the river, it appears as smooth cabled curves on the upper sections of the garment. Bubbles begin to form as the flow is disrupted by a rocky waterfall, depicted by the lace section in the lower garment. This asymmetric design features different lengths of flow on either side of the cardigan. The beautiful blue yarn is West Yorkshire Spinners Illustrious, a blend of Falkland wool and British alpaca, in the gorgeous shade of Royal.

Model wearing hand knitted cardigan turning away from camera

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