Friday, 31 May 2019

Shoreline Scarf in Knitting Magazine 195

I am absolutely delighted that my Shoreline Scarf design for Knitting Magazine is now available in this month's issue! I am especially pleased as my scarf has been teamed up with Jacinta Bowie's beautiful Feather sweater.

Shoreline Scarf by Emma Vining
 and Feather Sweater by Jacinta Bowie,
both from Knitting Issue 195

The theme of this issue is portable projects for travelling and my Shoreline Scarf fits the brief perfectly! Shoreline is knitted with two skeins of Uist Wool Canach Cottongrass 4ply. This lovely undyed Scottish merino fleece yarn knits up beautifully for a lightweight summer scarf. Shoreline is knitted on the bias, which creates the diagonal gradient stripes. I have used the contrasting shades of Osna/ Sigh and  Breac/ Speckle for my alternating striped pattern.

You can see Shoreline, Feather and more beautiful patterns by amazing designers such as Jo Allport, Bronagh Miskelly, Helen Metcalf and Christine Boggis along with Jeanette Sloan's excellent A-Z of Knitting Techniques in this month's issue on sale now.

Knitting Magazine Issue 195
 with Helen Metcalf's beautiful Laddered Diamonds Top on the cover

 *   Extracts from Knitting 195, July 2019
 *   Copyright © GMC Publications

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