Monday, 4 December 2017

Machair Wildflower Shawl Pattern is now on sale!

My first of my winning designs for the Birlinn Yarn Company (BYC) has just been released! I am so excited to see the stunning images of my Machair Wildflower shawl design on the BYC website. It has been such a pleasure to work with the BYC on this project and to design a hand knitting pattern for this very special yarn produced from seafaring sheep.

Machair Wildflower Shawl
by Emma Vining
for the Birlinn Yarn Company

"Our Machair Wildflower Shawl pattern is designed for intermediate knitters. The contemporary asymmetric form is combined with lace eyelets and raised bobbles to reflect the machair wildflowers as closed buds, in full bloom and as autumn seed heads. Machair, a Gaelic word, refers to one of the rarest habitats in Europe, almost unique to the Hebrides. A dune pasture that produces an abundance of beautiful wild flowers from Spring to Autumn. Thus, our beautiful, asymmetric shawl evokes the machair wildflowers throughout the seasons." Birlinn Yarn Company, Dec 2017

My Machair Wildflower pattern is available as a download from the BYC website and can be purchased along with the gorgeous BYC yarn. The shawl is knitted with three 50g balls of BYC 4ply yarn in the stunning shade of Moor. Other beautiful natural shades and Hebridean Colours are also available to purchase and the shawl would look amazing in any one of them!

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