Monday, 11 September 2017

Winner of The Birlinn Yarn Company Design Competition!

This summer, The Birlinn Yarn Company announced an exciting knitting design competition. The winner would see their patterns included in Birlinn Yarn knitting kits and win a week in a beautiful Hebridean thatched cottage on the Isle of Berneray. I am absolutely delighted to be the winner of the competition!

Meg (the owner of Birlinn Yarn) and I had a lovely chat over on her blog all about The Birlinn Yarn Company, my designs and her gorgeous yarns. Please take a look here. You will fall in love with the beautiful yarn and Meg's stunning photos!

Detail from Wildflowers Design by Emma Vining
for The Birlinn Yarn Company 2017
My winning designs, will be made up into knitting kits using Birlinn Yarn 4ply yarn. This new yarn is currently being produced and will be available in a range of lovely shades. Natural shades will include "Storm Grey", "Speckled Hen" and "Peaty Brown". The organic over-dyed colours will range from the blue of "Reef" to the earthy green of "Moss" and the yellow of "Corn Marigold". There is currently a selection of DK yarn in natural shades and the Moor russet orange colourway available on Birlinn Yarn website.

Meg and I are now eagerly awaiting the delivery of the new Birlinn Yarn 4ply yarns, so please look out for more updates soon!

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