Thursday, 8 December 2016

Jadeite Sweater on the Cover of The Knitter 105

I am so excited to see my Jadeite Sweater design on the cover of this month's The Knitter Magazine! Jadeite is knitted in West Yorkshire Spinners Blue Faced Leicester DK Yarn. The beautiful yarn really shows off the contrasting textures of the sweater.

Jadeite by Emma Vining on the cover of Issue 105
Image from The Knitter Magazine

The main body of my design is knitted in stocking stitch with the Jadeite detail featuring around the neck and the cuffs. Twisted stitches form the circular Jadeite Gems which drop down from the neckline and emerge from the cuffs.

Jadeite Cuff detail
Image from The Knitter Magazine

Jadeite neck detail
Image from The Knitter Magazine
As well as having a variety of solid shades of BFL yarn available, West Yorkshire Spinners have recently released gem inspired shades of their Wensleydale DK and any one of them would suit my gem inspired design!

Jadeite by Emma Vining
Image from The Knitter Magazine
I am absolutely delighted to have a design in this lovely issue of The Knitter as it has lots of wonderful designs and interesting articles. Alice Starmore's gorgeous designs and amazing sense of colour feature in an excellent article about her yarns. The photography by Jade Starmore shows how the Hebridean landscape has inspired the beautiful colour palette.

Knitting History features in this issue with Penelope Hemingway's fascinating article on Victorian knitting writers. I particularly like the delicate original illustrations that accompany this piece.

There is a lovely "Meet the Team" interview with Faye Perriham-Reed, the brilliant technical editor at The Knitter Magazine, showcasing some of her beautiful published patterns and giving insights into her day-to-day work at the Knitter. I can't tell you how much it means to me to get a mention in her reply about her favourite designs! Yay!

You can see the knitting designs from Issue 105 on Ravelry and read more about The Knitter Magazine on The Yarn Loop website.

Errata Update 21/01/17
Thank you very much to Sue K for alerting me to problems with the published charts and abbreviations for Jadeite. I will post a link here to The Knitter Magazine as soon as the updated charts and pattern are available on the Yarn Loop Website.
In the meantime, I hope the following explanation will help anyone who is currently knitting the pattern.

The Jadeite pattern errata relate to the abbreviations and chart symbols and are as follows:
All of the "Jadeite clusters" are knitted using either T2B or T2F twists. These twists are worked in 'knit stitch' only.
T2B is the abbreviation for "knit into the front of the second stitch on left hand needle, then into the front of the first stitch”.
T2F is the abbreviation for "knit into the back of the second stitch on the left hand needle, then into the front of the first stitch”.
Throughout the text of the published pattern, any abbreviation referred to as “Tw2B" should be worked as a T2B. Any abbreviation referred to as Tw2F should be worked as a T2F. 
Within the charts, the abbreviations and symbols should be T2F and T2B only.

Errata Update 23/01/17
Here is the link to the errata for Jadeite on the Yarn Loop Website, where you can download a PDF of the corrected charts.


  1. It's a gorgeous sweater, Emma. I love the detail round the neck and cuffs. Great to see it on the cover!

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