Saturday, 19 March 2016

Tile Art in Glasgow City Centre

There is so much to see in Glasgow! I love visiting the Galleries and Exhibitions and on this trip I also discovered some amazing art and design in unexpected places. In particular, I found some fabulous tile designs.

Beautiful Glasgow Tiles
Usually in search of buttons, I have visited the Remnant Kings Shop on Argyll Street many times. The shop is on the first floor and to enter the building, you pass through an amazing doorway held in place by two huge statues.

Entrance to the Remnant Kings Shop
Inside the building is a dramatic stairwell lined with beautiful tiles. New patterns are formed where different stair levels meet and the huge circular windows are a stunning feature. 

Tiles in Building on Argyll Street, Glasgow
Tiles in Building on Argyll Street, Glasgow

The nearby Argyll Arcade was built in 1827 and is one of Europe's oldest covered shopping arcades. It is also a lovely short cut (or long cut!) between Buchanan Street and Argyll Street. There are plenty of window shopping opportunities as this arcade is well known as Glasgow's Jewellery Quarter. At the Argyll Street end of the Arcade, I spotted some lovely tiles in a doorway and a sign dated 1904, that I had never noticed before, despite having sheltered from the rain on many occasions!

Inside the Argyll Arcade
Tiles in the Argyll Arcade

Advice for people sheltering from the weather!
(Dated 1904)
The former Bank of India building at 71 Renfield Street is currently a tea room called Cup by day and a bar, Gin 71, by night. The ceiling and walls are covered with beautiful Victorian tiles dating from around 1890. The rooms had been boarded up for many years and the tiles were only discovered after some electrical work was carried out. A mosaic floor was also recently uncovered and I wonder what other treasures are still hidden in this lovely building!

71 Renfield Street, Glasgow

Interior of 71 Renfield Street, Glasgow

Interior of 71 Renfield Street, Glasgow

Ceiling tiles in 71 Renfield Street, Glasgow

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