Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Devereux Sweater In The Knitter Magazine Issue 75

My Devereux Sweater is on the front cover of the Knitter Magazine!!!! I am so pleased, proud and excited to see my sweater design so beautifully photographed and presented.

The Knitter Magazine Issue 75

The front cover of the Knitter Magazine with my name!
The design was inspired by the delicate acid etched patterns found on Tudor and Elizabethan armour. The elongated twisted stitch pattern begins as a narrow panel and widens towards the shoulders in a flattering V-shape. The central panel is made using twisted stitches in a structured criss cross grid. The increases in the centre panel are gradually brought into the twisted stitch pattern.

Devereaux Sweater Back
Copyright Emma Vining
Devereux Sweater Front
Copyright Emma Vining
The sides of the sweater and the undersides of the sleeve are worked in rib; as the back and front centre panels widen, the side rib panels decrease.

Devereux Sweater
Copyright Emma Vining
Issue 75 is on sale now. More details on The Knitter Magazine website.

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