Sunday, 14 October 2012

V&A Museum, London

I had an excellent day at the V&A today with my City and Guilds Tutor, Loraine McClean of Knit Design Online. Loraine had organised a meeting of her students so that we could discuss work and look at sources of inspiration together. It was great to catch up with everyone and see what some of the other students had been working on. We visited the Wrought Iron Gallery and almost any piece there could inspire knit design! Here are a few of my highlights.

There was also a display of 'Fashion and Armour' Garments by Juliana Sissons in the Wrought Iron Gallery. Juliana was a designer in residence at the V&A from July to December 2010. Her knitted garments combine clever techniques and different yarn types and were all inspired by armour from the V&A collections. I particularly liked the combination of wire and knitting. This made 3D form that could be manipulated and held in place by the wire part of the knitting.

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